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From Island, To Australia, To The World!

NATURE PACIFIC PTY LTD are suppliers of Fiji grown and harvested health products. Specialising in pure Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and other natural remedies based on thousands of years of Pacific Island tradition.

Our Banaban product range supports Banaban people of Fiji and Banaba Island. Learn more about the Banabans and why they are known as the ‘Forgotten People of the Pacific’

NATURE PACIFIC was founded in Australia in 2004 as a joint venture to market Virgin Coconut Oil being made by Ken Sigrah’s Banaban family back in Fiji. Ken and his partner Stacey King were already involved in the natural health industry in Australia since 1997 with direct links throughout the Pacific region importing and exporting raw materials for Australian companies. So marketing the family’s virgin coconut oil was a natural progression.  Today Nature Pacific products are exported worldwide…touch-icon-ipad-retina