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BICO Australia™ is a great brand – we offer a vast variety of pendants (each of them having its own meaning), chains, bracelets, rings and chokers. The design and quality is unique.

The specific style of BICO Australia™ jewelry was fashioned in 1995 by two young artistic designers with a creative fire in their belly, wanting to wear tribal designs to match their urban outdoor lifestyle. The need for cool fashion jewelry for guys and girls, who were inspired by the sun-blessed lifestyle of Australia, grew rapidly with the creation of unique sculptured three dimensional designs.

All BICO tribal pendants are made of high grade pewter. All chains and bracelets are a brass base, with silver plating. Each item is hand polished in a unique 22 stage process and coated with a protective coating. BICO Australia™ guarantees that all products are nickel free.

BICO Australia™ products are worn globally by people of any age. Each design is inspired by the images of freedom in urban youth and their tribal instincts. All products are fashion for the street with styles made for the individual. Keeping their line of wholesale fashion accessories fresh is a key component to keeping their finger on the pulse of current consumer demand. BICO Australia™ designs new products every six months.

With 100’s of individual pendant designs in an array of colors and finishes, and dozens and dozens of bracelets, chains, and chokers, the world of wholesale jewelry accessories never goes hungry for a lack of selection from the Bico Australia™ line of fashion jewelry.



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